Vacuum Machines for Buttocks

What is a nonsurgical Brazilian Butt Lift?

 The nonsurgical Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) utilizes suction created by a high-powered vacuum to lift and expand your buttock tissues.

No surgery, injections, or other invasive techniques are involved. Instead, it’s a completely noninvasive procedure that costs far less than a traditional BBL.

You will benefit from a nonsurgical BBL if your buttocks are:

  • Saggy or droopy
  • Too small
  • Squishy (not firm)
  • Square or shapeless
  • Lopsided
  • Marred by cellulite

What happens during a nonsurgical Brazilian Butt Lift procedure?

To prepare your butt for a nonsurgical BBL, your technician applies oil onto the skin of your buttocks and then uses a small vacuum to lift and pull the tissues. This step also helps to soften the fibrous bands of connective tissue that cause cellulite.

In the next step, a large suction cup is placed on each gluteus maximus (otherwise known as a butt cheek) while you lie comfortably on your abdomen. The suction cups draw your buttocks tissues upward and outward with vacuum forces. During the butt lift procedure, you feel vibrations and pulling or tugging sensations, but most people do not experience pain, just some slight discomfort.

Once the suction cups are removed, your buttocks are firmly massaged with disks to create more uniform results and a better, more rounded and uplifted shape.

After your session, your buttocks are larger, rounder, firmer, higher, more voluptuous, and smoother.

How long does a nonsurgical Brazilian Butt Lift take?

Each nonsurgical BBL session takes about 45 minutes. Most people need about four sessions to get the firm, voluptuous buttocks they desire. Touchups are recommended every few months to maintain your results over the long term.